INDIWO: Perfect Solution for an Optimal Installation

Spots from Brumberg ideal for insulated false ceilings
Thanks to its integrated box, the new INDIWO spot from Brumberg can be placed directly against the insulating material (PresseBox) (Sundern-Hellefeld, ) Until now, many technical details had to be considered when installing lights in insulated false ceilings. In particular, taking distances for thermal balancing into account made the installation of a separate flush-mounting box necessary. With the new INDIWO spot, the Brumberg company from Sundern is taking a completely new path and is offering a combination of light and flush-mounting box that is immediately ready for use. Because of this, the light can be placed directly against the insulating material.

Quick installation in three steps: mill the installation opening, install the operating device and insert the light. That’s how easy the installation of a spot in an insulated false ceiling can be with the new INDIWO light. Due to the optimal combination of light and box, the separate installation of a box and at the same time the feeding of cables are dispensed with. This reduces the material costs and expenditure of time. The system ensures the smallest possible mechanical installation depth while simultaneously maintaining the full swivel range. The required distances to the insulating material are automatically ensured by the integrated box. The spot can even be placed directly in or against the vapour barrier.

Toolless electrical installation

It’s even simpler if the new power supply units with junction box are used during installation for a fast feed-through wiring. In this case, no complicated wiring of the 230 V connecting cable to the power supply is necessary. The power supply unit is plugged into the light by “drag & drop” and by means of a junction box terminal into 230 volts. A lot of expenditure of time can likewise be saved in this way.

Six attractive versions

The new INDIWO series is available in six different versions. These include a pivot- or swivel-mounted version and a swivel-mounted and a fixed version that is offered in a square or round shape. Each light can be ordered in the colours chrome, nickel matt and textured white.


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