Automated ultrasonic inspection of control gears saves resources

PROline detects quality deviations within the production process
PROlinePLUS modular designed inspection and evaluation software (PresseBox) (Burgwedel, ) It’s all about speed when it comes to driving an automobile. The vehicle transmission transfers the engine power to the powertrain. The control gears are one of the main components of such a vehicle transmission. They are subject to the extreme strains of driving operations.

The non-destructive testing of laser welds is a necessary and mostly by vehicle manufacturer prescribed process within the production of control gears. With the high-performing, customized ultrasonic inspection systems, developed by VOGT Ultrasonics, the fast automated inspection of weld seams is done within the production process.

By using the bubbler technique a high cycle time and thus a short handling time is realized. Faulty welded parts are directly rejected and are not processed any further. The automated inspection, evaluation and documentation save time and create inspection reliability. Interferences during the welding process are detected within minutes.

The ultrasonic inspection basin with bubbler technique is automatically loaded with a control gear by a portal. Then, the portal performs the inspection movement by a 360° rotation of the component. The scan is performed with a timeline and a C-Scan is created. The PROlinePLUS inspection and evaluation software automatically evaluates the inspection data and supplies the result to the system control (PLC) via profinet interface.
If the result is "Not OK" the inspection system automatically performs a second inspection of the component. A repeated evaluation as "Not OK" leads automatically to the re
jection of the component.


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