Lithium is and stays in high demand! E-Mobility and energy mass storage are the main drivers!

Lithium Report 2018 - All you need to know about Lithium
Lithium Report 2018 (PresseBox) (Herisau, ) All you need to know about Lithium in one comprehensive Report.

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Lithium – the most important substance of the 21st century is just gaining momentum!

Carbon was the past – Lithium is the future

Rarely was a chemical element of similar great importance as lithium will be in the coming decades. Since the announcement of Tesla Motors’ plans to build up to 500,000 electric vehicles per year in its mega-factory starting 2017, lithium, in connection with lithium-ion batteries, is on everyone’s lips.

The metal in its future significance is comparable only with carbon that is not only important in daily life in the form of plastics but also as energy source in form of coal and crude oil.

Whereas carbon above all is an energy supplier and energy source, lithium will become more and more the energy storage medium of the future.

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