New AIS Class B SOTDMA transceiver from Weatherdock AG

According the new standard for AIS Class B transceivers Weatherdock AG has developed a very smart and stylish, but powerful leading product for the AIS Class B range
(PresseBox) (Nürnberg, ) At the Marine Electronics Trade Show METS in Amsterdam, which took place from 14th to the 16th of November, Weatherdock has presented his latest winner according the new AIS Class B SOTDMA standard: easyTRX3

The new flagship of AIS Class B transceiver in the Weatherdock product range comes along with massive 5 Watt transmission power and higher transmission rates to increase the visibility of the vessel in the vicinity.

By using the SOTDMA technology, like AIS Class A transceiver in commercial shipping have to use, the new easyTRX3 has a higher priority in the AIS system as regular AIS Class B unit, and the easyTRX3 is able to reserve the same time slot in the next transmission periode while sending out the current AIS data telegramm.

NMEA2000, USB and NMEA0183 connectivity in combination with an internal SD card storage for data logging makes the new easyTRX3 state-of-the-art in the AIS Class B transceiver market.

Via USB connection to PC or laptop the data readout from SD card as well as the programming of the Class B unit can be done easily without external power supply for the easyTRX3.

The easyTRX3 is the first AIS Class B SOTDMA device in the market where it will be possible to upgrade the unit with further modules like WiFi, DVB-T2, etc. "The concept of modular configuration we started with our AIS Class B unit easyTRX2S" stated CEO Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise. "And we will still continue with the easyTRX3, to provide the best possible product to every customers wishes and needs."

"Be seen with increased visibility" - these words become true with Weatherdock's new AIS Class B SOTDMA unit easyTRX3.


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