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The ThyssenKrupp elevator Test Tower in Rottweil, Germany, photographed during the complicated phase of membrane installation. The facade construction, made from delicate fiberglass mesh developed by Werner Sobek, is currently the world’s highest membrane project. Foto: Zooey Braun  (PresseBox) (Stuttgart, ) Werner Sobek is an international group represented in 8 locations worldwide. This Autumn the company will celebrate its 25th year of operation.

From 3 to 300: the international Werner Sobek Group was founded in 1992 as a 3-person business and has since grown to become a global player, with services delivered by over 300 employees in countires throughout the world. The name Werner Sobek is shared by the company founder - a pioneer in the field of engineering, design and sustainability - with the company itself, which is represented with a wide variety of planning projects in eight global locations: Stuttgart, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Moscow and New York. The Werner Sobek company headquarters are located in the city of Stuttgart, Germany.

Outstanding achievements in the fields of skyscraper, structural and façade design have won Werner Sobek great international recognition – always with a firm focus on sustainability and the minimization of energy and material consumption. The company’s latest project is the newly-inaugurated ThyssenKrupp Test Tower, with its delicate fiberglass mesh façade.

The highly-complex material protects the Test Tower from sunlight and windy conditions. The façade construction also features very powerful aesthetics with a delicate, precise and almost poetic charm, qualities which are always important to Sobek, who is both architect and engineer.

“Yet another globally unique creation from the Werner Sobek Group”, according to company founder, Sobek.



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